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Father Eric Banecker’s Weekly Message – May 9, 2021

Dear friends in Christ,

On this day when our country celebrates Mother’s Day, we as Catholics should join in enthusiastically. What a heroic vocation it is to be a mother! Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s always easy. It is challenging to be a good mom in every age, but particularly today with all the demands of the contemporary world. I think I can speak for all parishioners when I say what a joy it is to see our families with young children in our parish church each week. You are a sign of hope!

It is also important for us to assist mothers who are struggling in any way. Today, we welcome Melanie Winter, a nurse practitioner from Amnion Crisis Pregnancy Center. They do amazing work in helping expecting women during unexpected or challenging pregnancies, providing health care and the material and spiritual support the women need to bring their children to term. She will speak briefly at all the Masses this weekend. We would ask you to take home a baby bottle after Mass and return it anytime before Father’s Day. All funds collected through the baby bottles benefit the crisis pregnancy center.

May God bless all of our moms, grandmoms, godmothers, and all who play a motherly role in our lives. May Mary, the Mother of God, intercede for you in a special way today.



May God be Blessed!

-Father Eric Banecker